Taili Aerospace Information | Unblocked world-to-earth calls, there is their credit behind!
Date:2021-06-24 | Classify:Updates

On the morning of June 23, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the State Council, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission came to the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center and had a cordial conversation with the Shenzhou 12 astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo who were performing missions in the Tianhe core module.



On the big screen, the astronaut’s video is clear and the voice is crisp and loud. At this moment, about 40,000 kilometers away from the ground, the space-based measurement and control system composed of 3 skylink relay satellites is like a "space base station", real-time guaranteeing the unimpeded communication between the sky and the earth.


Who is operating the relay satellite?

"A lovely group of people"

Nowadays, astronauts in the "Heavenly Harmony" on Nine Heavens can conduct real-time, two-way world-to-earth calls with the ground anytime and anywhere, which means that the information transmission between the world and the earth in our country has entered a situation of normalization, efficiency, high-speed, and global coverage. The behind-the-scenes heroes who set up this "information road" and empowered the call between the world and the earth are the obscure Beijing Space Information Transmission Center "Tianlu" team!

From the establishment and demonstration of the first-generation "Tianlian" relay satellite system in 2003, to the networking and operation of the first and second-generation relay satellites, for 18 years, they have woven an "information road" with the "Tianlian" satellite as the core. , Has been helping my country's manned spaceflight industry continue to advance, and has been helping my country's space-based measurement and control communication system to continuously improve. The smooth implementation of the world call is a testimony of the "Tianlu" team's 18 years of obscured research and struggle.

They have been building a more advanced and intelligent ground operation and maintenance control station, and they are continuing to track the total. From the improvement and verification of a single device to the joint debugging and joint test of the complete set of sub-systems. In the computer rooms of various scientific research institutes, in countless brightly lit all-nighters, in the course of a series of technical personnel's relay intelligence research, based on a large amount of experience and detailed data, with ideas and verification, a brand-new intelligence The land operation and maintenance management and control system and the site have stood proudly.

They have been demonstrating and researching more efficient and reliable data relay modes. How to achieve immediate response to user needs? How to ensure fast and reliable data transmission to users? How does the processing mechanism flow of exceptions and interrupts adapt to more scenarios?

All these problems are based on the accumulated experience and data, and then do mining and analysis, and then guide the goal. With the successful operation of the rapid response, time and event-driven planning and scheduling, many years of demonstration research finally solved these problems. .

In order to activate the abilities of the "Skylink" system, and to empower the "Information Tianlu" to connect the world with the earth, no matter how many hardships and difficulties they will face in the process, how many days and nights they will survive. Always adhere to the belief that "the success does not have to be with me, the success must have me", and steadily move forward on the journey to the sea of stars!

Tribute to the "Tianluren"!