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Taili Technology Group
A leader in high-end storage, creating a world-famous brand in the household goods industry

Founded in 2003, Taili Group is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in vacuum storage technology.We are the leader of high-end household storage products in China and a cooperative enterprise of aerospace product development in China. We have applied for more than 700 patents in the world. Our products include vacuum storage bags, File bags, suction cup hooks, etc., which can meet the storage needs of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, travel and other scenes in an all-round way,and provide a one-stop solution for families around the world.

Since 2008, with Tiangong, Shenzhou, Tianzhou, Tianhe and other series of spaceships, Taili products have entered space 18 times, escorting astronauts' space life and creating a model of "new domestic products".  At Taili, our aim is to always offer sustainable, high-quality products to create a better life for every family.

Industrial Park
Product category
Aerospace industry
development history
corporate vision
  • Values
    Gratitude, honesty, cooperation, dedication
  • Mission
    Provide customers with comfortable home storage solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers
  • Vision
    To be the global leader of high-class home storage industry
Scientific research strength
Technology establishment, patented domestic products

Taili pays attention to independent product development and intellectual property protection. In January 2001, we applied for the first patent technology. By the end of June 2019, Taili has filed more than 600 patents worldwide. We rely on highly independent innovation and core technology to empower, and we are far ahead of the industry, and set up new standards in the household storage industry. Soon, there will be more than 1000 patents from Taili.

Taili Research Institute

Taili has a municipal level certified vacuum technology research centers. We focus on the research of new materials, new technology, new structure, new design and other fields. We are equipped with a number of real-life laboratories to simulate the real home environment and various kinds of extreme conditions. We bring a continuous stream of high-quality and high-tech products for consumers.


China Aerospace cooperative enterprise

In September 2008, Taili group began to cooperate with China Astronaut Research and training center to jointly develop aerospace products, and became a Chinese aerospace product development cooperative enterprise. From Tiangong-1 to tianzhou-1, Taili products have been launched into space for 18 times (Tiangong-1, Shenzhou-8, shenzhou-9, shenzhou-10, tiangong-2, shenzhou-11, tianzhou-1, Tianhe core module, tianzhou-2 and shenzhou-12 to protect astronauts' space life.

Enterprise honor
Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Zhongshan City
Technological innovation enterprise
Chinese People's Liberation Army Quartermaster Teaching and Research Practice Base
Top 100 e-commerce enterprises in Guangdong Province
National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise
Taobao live broadcast base
Excellent Supplier of Walmart
China Aerospace Product Development Cooperative Enterprise
China Aerospace Product Development Cooperative Enterprise
Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base of Sichuan University
National High-Tech Enterprise
Guangdong Technology Research and Development Center
More than 500 patented technologies
Famous Brand Products in Guangdong Province
Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province
Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise
social responsibility
Liability to shareholders
Sustainable development of enterprises to provide stable returns
Responsibility to employees
Build a career platform and create a happy life
Responsibility to customers
Provide satisfactory service and pursue permanent win-win
Social responsibility
Shaping excellent enterprises and developing social economy