18 Times! TAILI Products Go into Space
Date:2022-12-23 | Classify:Updates

The Shenzhou XV spaceship was launched at 11:08 pm on Nov 29, 2022. About 20 hours later, Chinese astronauts placed the Arabidopsis thaliana in a biological incubator in the life and ecological experiment cabinet inside the Wentian lab module of China's space station.

At the same time of the successful launch of Shenzhou XV, as a "cooperative enterprise in the development of China's aerospace products", TAILI Group also completed the 18th mission of putting its products into space, to protect the astronauts' daily life after six months in orbit.


Astronauts working and living in the space station need to prepare clothes for several months at a time; Eating in space is also very "exquisite", one piece at a time. Food residues should not be allowed to float around to maintain the living environment of the space capsule. Otherwise, in the weightless environment of space, the food residues produced by astronauts' life will float in the air. If not properly handled, the food residues are very perishable and will produce volatile gases, endangering the working space and living environment of astronauts. Therefore, the scientific storage of various food residues and waste materials on the space station is very critical. All kinds of vacuum storage bags of TAILI have played a vital role in preventing the floating of residues, the breeding of bacteria and other colony groups. TAILI vacuum storage bag has good sealing property, barrier property, puncture resistance, antibacterial property, etc. It can not only inhibit the growth of bacteria, but also classify and compress the food, clothing, and living residues in the space capsule, so as to create a clean and sterile space environment for astronauts.


Since the cooperation with China Aerospace in 2008, TAILI Science and Technology Group, which has been deeply engaged in the field of home storage, has invested heavily in establishing a high standard TAILI Research Institute, equipped with advanced vacuum test and detection equipment. With the management principle of "zero quality defects, standard aerospace level", Seiko manufactures and continuously creates "aerospace level" quality TAILI products to enable hundreds of millions of families around the world to enjoy aerospace quality household storage products and create high-quality and beautiful home life. At the same time, TAILI has also gradually developed into a Chinese scientific and technological household goods Internet ecological enterprise. It has built a full industrial chain business model integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service.

From "going into space" to "living in space", the quality of life of astronauts in space has made a qualitative leap, which is not only due to the scientific and technological development of space engineering construction, but also inseparable from the product technology of enterprises like TAILI GROUP to create a more convenient and comfortable living and working environment for astronauts and help the smooth development of China's space industry.