New Arrival! Upgraded Inflatable Camping Tent
Date:2022-11-03 | Classify:Updates

It is always the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the great weather and the outdoors. Getting outside is always a good idea, especially when the weather is nice. Whether you're new to camping in tents or are a seasoned pro, if you are looking for a perfect camping tent, you'd better read on.



Inflatable Camping Tent Attracts Attention

Camping has become a new life style that people fond. The upsurge of "national camping" has spawned different genres such as refined camping and auto camping, and people's requirements for tent performance and personalized needs are increasingly diversified.

Whether it is a quick entry into the outdoor products industry that has attracted much attention nowadays, or a home storage field that has been deeply cultivated for many years, it is the strategic development plan that TAILI Group has prepared for a long time. Relying on more than 20 years of new material research and its application of vacuum technology, TAILI Group has successfully launched a new generation of "upgraded inflatable camping tent". We are committed to developing high-quality products, providing consumers with a convenient and pleasant outdoor camping experience.

This autumn, "TAILI Outdoor" launched a new series of inflatable camping tents. All the tent fabric is made of thickened PVC, which is waterproof, windproof, sunscreen and tear resistant. Even in windy and rainy days, It can be used normally and cover a variety of camping scenes to meet the needs of different outdoor sports enthusiasts.


It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete the tent construction by using the electric pump to inflate quickly, which is the core feature of the TAILI Inflatable camping tent. Compared with ordinary tents that take 40 to 50 minutes to set up on the market, TAILI Inflatable Camping Tent, a new product with convenient operation, has attracted the attention of many outdoor enthusiasts once it is launched. In addition, the tent is equipped with a safety relief valve, so there is no need to worry about bursting due to excessive inflation. Even if the tent is used continuously, it can remain no deformation for 7 days.


Committed to Improving Users’ Camping Experience

Outside, a tent is like a home. Whether it is a short camping trip or a continuous camping life for many days, the space sense and comfort of TAILI Inflatable Tent can bring users the same experience at home. TAILI Inflatable Tent, which looks like a house, is called "the first outdoor suite for young people". There are many "house types" to choose from: single room, one room with one living room, one room with two living rooms, etc. The maximum space is almost 20 square meters! It can accommodate 1-2 families to camp together.


While combining product quality with comfort functions, we also pay attention to the design of details. The top of tent is equipped with a metal hanging ring, which is set for hanging the lamp; Both sides inside the tent are equipped with clotheslines for drying clothes; The windows are equipped with window screens, which can prevent mosquitoes and insects without affecting the light and ventilation; In addition, there is a storage bag under each window, which can be used to place your belongings for easy access. Our camping tent is meticulously tested and judged in five key areas: space and comfort, weather resistance, ease of use, durability, and family friendliness.


During the day, you can enjoy the outdoor beautiful scenery, and at night, you can freely embrace thousands of stars to dream.

11.11 is coming! The Campers' Revelry is About to Begin!

11.11 Singles Day is the biggest shopping frenzy in the global calender. The launch time of the new product "Inflatable Camping Tent" was set as 8:00 p.m. on October 31, with a group of camping by-products. The activity of subtracting 50 yuan from 300 yuan will be launched, with a coupon of up to 1000 yuan stacked, to provide consumers with a new camping experience at the best possible price.

A camping tent is the most important item you will buy when it comes to camping, so picking the right one is key to a successful adventure. Think about the type of camping you intend to do and what you find most important in a shelter. Innovations are happening all the time, so if there's a feature you want, you'll likely be able to find it. Now, go get yourself a tent and get outside!