Shenzhou-13 manned spacecraft successfully launched, Taili vacuum storage products in space for the 12th time
Date:2021-10-28 | Classify:Updates

The 13th manned Shenzhou spacecraft was successfully launched, and Taili brand entered space for the 12th time. Since the brand first entered space, it has always carried a mission: to provide a strong guarantee for the space life of Chinese astronauts!


For 13 years, Tali brand has been cooperating with Chinese spaceflight, accompanying the development of Chinese spaceflight, step by step, and constantly resonating with the development of Chinese spaceflight with the upgraded and iterated Taili space vacuum storage products. Before the launch of the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft, Taili brand also launched the theme of "Building Dreams in Space, Aerospace National Products" on Tmall Taobao and other sales platforms to give back to consumers' support for the aerospace national products brand with actual welfare activities.


In addition, Taili live broadcast of "Taili President is coming" and "Space product engineer is coming" special program, invited Taili Technology Group Vice President Mr. Rao and Taili Innovation R & D Center Chief Engineer Mr. Wang to guest live, and live audience close interaction, share the story behind Taili space products.


Taili products care for astronauts' health and defend China's space station environment

In the weightless environment of space, the food residues produced by astronauts' diet and living will float in the air. If not properly handled, the food residues will easily decay and produce volatile gases, which will endanger the astronauts' working space and living environment. Therefore, the scientific storage of various food residues and various discarded items in the space station is very critical, which can avoid the floating of residues and the growth of bacteria and other colonies.

In order to solve the technical problems of sealed storage of space residues, effectively inhibit the spread of bacteria and odor, and create a neat and sterile environment. The Chinese space station is using Taili vacuum storage bags.


With good sealing, barrier, puncture resistance and antibacterial properties,  Taili vacuum storage products can not only inhibit the growth of bacteria, but also sort and compress the volume of residual food, residual items and change of clothes in the space capsule. Taili provide aerospace compression bags of various types which play a different role in the space capsule environment, in many ways to help the development of China's space industry. (The picture below shows the astronauts on Shenzhou-12 spacecraft are storing the leftover apple cores into the Taili vacuum storage bag)


Since 2008, when we became a cooperative enterprise for the development of Chinese space products, Taili invested a lot of money to establish scientific research laboratories, introduce high-tech equipment and talents, and through countless experiments and tests , write the story of the transformation of household brands into space brands with actions.


It is worth mentioning that before the launch mission of Shenzhou-13 spacecraft, China Astronaut Center invited Mr. Shi , the founder of Taili Group and Mr. Liao, vice president of Taili Group, to Jiuquan Launch Base to visit China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Jiuquan Dongfeng Park and other Chinese aerospace dream-building attractions, and to watch the launch process of Shenzhou-13 spacecraft on site, so that the representatives of Chinese aerospace product development cooperation enterprises were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of the motherland and experience the progress of aerospace technology.