Taili 1000 vacuum bags launched with Tianzhou-3, achieving the 11th time in space
Date:2021-10-27 | Classify:Updates

With the successful launch of Tianzhou-3, Taili products completed the 11th space mission! It is reported that the number of Taili vacuum compression bags in space reached more than 1000 this time, which is double the number of previous time on the space station!


Small bag big role, the average daily use of 5 Taili vacuum compression bags by astronauts

In the weightless environment of space, astronauts living and food residues will float in the air, if not handled properly, it is easy to decay and produce volatile gases, endangering the astronaut's workspace and living environment. For example, apple cores and other food residues will be stored in the Taili vacuum compression bag to avoid residue floating, bacteria breeding, affecting the safety of instruments and equipment and astronauts.

Because of the special nature of the space environment, vacuum compression bags in space are customized, including Taili residual food packaging compression bags, Taili residual items compression bags, Taili clothing compression bags, etc.



Taili vacuum compression bag "into space " - the aerospace quality

The origin of Taili and Chinese spaceflight began in 2008, when the Astronaut Center found that Taili's products were the closest to meet the Astronaut Center's requirement through tracking and testing of various vacuum sealing products on the market, and took the initiative to visit Taili. After that, the Astronaut Center signed the "Contract Agreement for China Spacecraft Residual Food Disposal Supplies" with Taili in September 2008 after preliminary examination, substantive review and program comparison. From then on, Taili began the path of  vacuum compression bags aerospace quality technology development.

For aerospace products, the production difficulty has increased countless times, we must ensure that the product is 100% qualified. Those vacuum bags needs to go through 5000 tests and more than 3000 experiments to successfully enter space.



After unremitting efforts, in 2011, Taili successfully launched with "Tiangong-1" to achieve the first time of vacuum storage products in space. Since then, we have been developing and creating better and more suitable vacuum storage products for space environment, and promoting the cooperation with Astronaut Center with the best product quality, and constantly refreshing the number of times Taili product has been in space.

Now, with the successful launch of Tianzhou-3, Taili products have achieved the 11th time in space. Taili provides many kinds of vacuum compression bags with barrier, puncture resistance and anti-aging properties for China's space industry, helping the space industry to build a neat and sterile "space home".