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Investment promotion policy for offline dealers
Investment requirements

1、 According to the size of the agency area, the first batch of purchase amount is not less than 10000-30000 yuan;

2、An enterprise legal person with legal business procedures, good business credit and professional ethics is required;

3、It has the necessary capital, warehousing and personnel to carry out the business, distribution vehicles and a sound customer network, has a three-dimensional multi-level sales network in the local area, has the ability to expand the market and customer development ability, and can basically spread out in the sales channels of its agent area within three months;

4、According to the scope of the agency area, the annual return amount shall not be less than 100000-300000 yuan;

5、It is not allowed to represent other brands of vacuum storage bags at the same time.

Dealer support

1、 One step price system;

2、Free and unified production of distribution vehicles, shop signs and terminal customer shop signs by agents;

3、Multiple promotional products support, professional marketing model guidance, let agents quickly occupy the market;

4、The loose return and exchange mechanism makes the risk of agents close to zero;

5、Gift and sample company will provide a certain proportion of gift and sample distribution support according to the dealer's purchase amount.

Rights and interests of distributors
Enjoy the right to use the brand
The company has declared the trademark to the State Trademark Office for registration. The agent can obtain the right to use the trademark free of charge and get the favorable conditions to develop with the company's brand promotion;
Enjoy the right of regional protection and management
The company has a standardized and scientific regional protection system. Once the agent level agent signs the exclusive operation contract, it can obtain the regional protection right, enjoy the same level of price rights and interests, and develop the lower level agent in its own region, so as to obtain long-term scale benefits;
Enjoy the right of sales rebate
According to the company's agency rebate standard, the company in the area under the jurisdiction of the agent, according to the level of the agent and the corresponding proportion, enjoys the sales rebate and gives the sales rebate for the accumulated amount of subsequent purchase;
Enjoy the priority of contract
Priority of contract renewal: when the contract of both parties expires, the agent can obtain the priority of contract renewal without violating the provisions of the contract, and the company will approve it;
Enjoy the right of product priority agency
The company will continue to develop new products in the field of household products, the product line will cover a more comprehensive market, and the agents will enjoy the priority of new product distribution.
After sales support
Activity support

Combined with the resources of the company's marketing department, we push publicity activities every month, so that customers can cooperate with sales according to our overall ideas. We plan monthly / quarterly activity plans, major event node activity plans and other activities to ensure that each marketing node is favorable for revenue and worry free dividends!

Taili domestic (vacuum compression bag, sucker) industrySWOT analysis


Advantage analysis

Technical advantages
Independent research and technological innovation
Market advantage
Independent research and technological innovation
Policy advantages
Professional one-to-one service, free sales technical training, monthly promotion, bulk order discount
Market advantage
Professional one-to-one service, free sales technical training, Monthly sales promotion, bulk order discount
Brand and competitive advantage
Technological Taili, Creative life; For IKEA; Aerospace Quality: in December 2008, we cooperated with China Manned aerospace research and training center to successfully develop products; In 2013, the Chinese Astronaut Research and Training Center awarded us a plaque commemorating the success of the rendezvous and docking mission between Tiangong-1 and shenzhou-9. In addition, we won the honor of excellent partner of Taobao live broadcast in 2020 and national intellectual property advantage enterprise.


Weakness analysis

Compared with other brands, the price is slightly higher
At present, the market share of second and third tier cities is low


Threat analysis

Potential competitors take advantage of price
There are many alternative products, and consumption thinking is solidified


Opportunity analysis

There is a large gap in the market,
which can be entered organically Extensive consumer behavior is conducive to opening up the market
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