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Vacuum bags for medical solutions no longer require huge warehouses and equipment
Hospital plan

1、 The endless development of the number of medical records has led to insufficient storage space;

2、The medical record warehouse conditions of individual hospitals cannot keep up with the medical record storage requirements;

3、The medical record rooms of many hospitals are in the basement or in idle houses. The humidity is serious, which is not good for storing paper files.;

4、In the coastal areas, Guangdong and Guangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the Yangtze River Basin, the air humidity is relatively high, and it is easy to breed mold and insect pests.;

In some buildings, the fire-fighting equipment has a unified layout, and the induction nozzles hanging over the paper medical records have the hidden danger of induction water spraying.

Mildew proof, pest proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. After vacuumizing the medical records, the paper medical records in the bag are in a vacuum state, so as to isolate the paper medical records from moisture, harmful gas and dust in the air, destroy the living environment for breeding mold and prolong the storage time of medical records;                                                   

5. Through the protection of vacuum bag, the quality accident similar to the devastating damage to paper medical records caused by fire induction spraying is prevented;

6. The use of medical record vacuum bag can not only reduce the huge investment of warehouse and equipment, but also reduce the subsequent resource consumption during storage and solve the problem of insufficient space in medical record warehouse.

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