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Taili Aerospace Cooperation Achievement: Taili products have been in space for 12 times

Since Taili Technology Group became a cooperative enterprise of China's aerospace product development in 2008, it has learned from the advanced experience of China's aerospace industry, introduced the concept of aerospace quality management, and pursued high quality and high standards with the aerospace spirit of "rigorous, pragmatic, and brave to climb". Quality manufacturing standards are used to produce and develop household products that consumers can trust.

In 2013, China Astronaut Center awarded Taili Company with the contribution award for "Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-9 rendezvous and docking mission success".                                               

At the same time, Taili was also awarded the honor of "director unit of manned spaceflight" by China's manned spaceflight project. In October 2016, China's Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft was successfully launched. Taili products accompanied two astronauts to complete a 33 day space trip and returned with honors! This is also the sixth time that Taili products have successfully entered space! From Shenzhou 8 to Shenzhou 11, from Tiangong 1 to Tiangong 2, and then to Tianzhou 1, Tianhe core module, Taili Zhizao has entered space eight times to escort astronauts' life in the sky.

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